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Linny Pacillo Parking Garage, Anchorage, Alaska:

A 10-story, 360,000 square foot parking garage with first level retail and building support space.   Due to the overall building height, a legally required generator with on-site fuel was required to power elevators and emergency lighting.  A second transfer switch was also included to allow option loads to be powered via the generator for building heat and other critical equipment.   Electrical design included building mounted site lighting, interior lighting, emergency lighting, and telecommunications systems.  Facility design includes a CCTV system integrated into the adjacent Atwood Building central station to allow control and monitoring from a single location.  The fire alarm system monitors the building’s sprinkler system and is integrated into the Atwood Building main system for single point of monitoring.  A code blue emergency phone system is integrated throughout the facility and monitored in the adjacent Atwood Building.